I have been an active photographer for many years.  Several years ago I become very serious about the craft, attending photography classes at Brigham Young University and spending a great deal of time exploring my personal photographic vision.  The images found on this site are the result of this exploration.

The first step I  took to discover my own style was exploring existing art.  I was first drawn to the work of American contemporary tonalist painters.  I was particularly moved by works of two painters with Utah ties, Michael Workman, and Shanna Kunz.  Of the photographers I have studied, I have been most influenced by the beautiful still life images produced by Judy Mandolf and the photographically based digital paintings of Bobbi Doyle-Maher.

The images presented here are simple still life compositions made more expressive by the use of color and texture.   The colors and textures used in the images help convey and strengthen the mood or feeling of each image.  Color has a powerful emotional and spiritual impact.  Rich, saturated hues may encourage thoughtful, contemplative feelings; whereas, bright, bold, vibrant colors may induce happy, playful emotions for example.  The textures of the images introduce a complexity that holds the viewers attention and invites a closer inspection of the image.  Together the simple composition, use of color, and visual texture produce images that are intended to strike a resonant emotional cord and stimulate a thoughtful response.

The images presented here were captured both digitally and on film.  Film images were made using a medium format camera then transferring to a digital format by scanning.  The base image was then combined with several other images to produce the color and texture you see here.  No digital filters other than blur and sharpen were used to produce these images.  Some digital painting was added to several of the images.

I currently work as a professor at Brigham Young University, teaching in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.  I specialize in research and design of drinking water and wastewater systems.  I have been working at Brigham Young since 1987.